MAKING OFF // Determination, a SELDOM project - exploring the boundaries of e-manufacturing in contemporary arts

e-Manufacturing gives us a lot of freedom today, we where said: there are no limits! But as experienced travellers, we knew that one day we would cross the limit of todays capabilities. This is our journey to the field of art and the frontiers of post industriell manufacturing. This is only the first step.

To give orientation in e-Manufacturing, we thought it would be interesting to level everybodies skills. Therefor we took an analog to the watchmakers: here are the seven complications in e-Manufacturing, defined by EOS creative director Matthias Ocklenburg:
1 Transparenz
2 Gelenke/Bewegung
3 Flexibilität/Federkraft
4 Hinterschnitte
5 Glatt/rauhe Oberflächen oder Pattern
6 Individualisierung
7 Fremdkörpereinbindung
More complex complications will follow soon for sure. Determination is a Category 3+ Project. The geometry in plastic sintering is quite complicated, but EOS engineers solved it in sizes from 2 to 52cm overall length. Sintering in metal is still tricky, the inside bee is a major problem. But we are working on a titanium oder higher grade material serial art concept. Watch out for the child..

SELDOM is a Thomas Prantl, matthias Ocklenburg joint venture project, featured artist of Determination is Florian Hafele.
seldom [:sɛldəm] adv. not often; infrequently or rarely. adj. Archaic Infrequent; rare. [Middle English seldum, alteration of seldan. Old English seldon; related to Old Norse sjāldan, Old High German seltan]
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